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Fabylis® Posture for A Healthy Confident You!

by Emily Clarks July 01, 2017 0 Comments

Fabylis® Posture for A Healthy Confident You!

Master perfect posture for a healthier, more confident you! Perfect body posture is attainable with the Fabylis® Posture Training Program out now!

Many women have trouble maintaining perfect, healthy posture throughout their day. Some women are also not sure exactly what proper posture looks like. Thankfully, the answers are all here, for any female who wants to look as attractive and confident as possible with the most thorough posture training program ever! 

The exclusive new program is the brainchild of professional ballroom dancer and choreographer Fabienne Liechti, who bases the lessons on personal insights from her successful 25-year career in dancesport.

Finally, get one program containing never-before-shared tips on improving body posture for better health, a more attractive appearance, and a boost in self-confidence. All of these benefits can be yours if you get this unique training program!

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The Science of Good Posture

Learn the principles of good posture to perfect the way that you hold your body in the Fabylis® Posture Training Program. The scientific basis of this female-oriented program makes it unlike any other, drawing on the facts rather than any fluff. Achieve good posture, once and for all, and learn how to maintain it through exercises, regardless of your age or fitness level. 

The comprehensive lessons outline the way to hold the body for not only healthy posture but also a more attractive, confident appearance to others. Creator Fabienne Liechti shares her own advice within each step-by-step lesson for mastering the art of excellent posture. Easily follow along with the exercises in the book’s two modules and use the video accompaniment to perfect the movements with ease and grace, no matter where you walk, sit or stand.

This highly beneficial program is the result of four years of extensive work and research by Fabienne. It includes everything she has learned about perfecting the art of the perfect body posture position, all within one cohesive training program. Her goal is to make a posture training program that all women around the world can use and refer to again and again to improve their lives.

Get the Posture You Crave, Finally

This training program delivers the key secrets to getting great posture that not prevents or reduces back pain but also provides a more confident, attractive version of you! The pairing of the book and high-definition video provide an impressive platform for sharing the best ways to carry your body, addressing everything that affects posture, from head to toe. You won’t get these tips any other place! 

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why body posture is important
  • How to position your hip and pelvis optimally
  • Exercises for a smaller-looking stomach
  • A healthy way to stretch your spine
  • How to position your head, neck and chin more attractively
  • Tips for slimming your shape
  • Resources for maintaining healthy posture 
  • And more!

The lessons address body composition, ergonomics, and more, all within technical lessons that Fabienne has determined to work for her and her students over the decades. 

The program’s four modules are:

  1. Introduction to the Perfect Posture
  2. Posture Lessons – Get the Perfect Posture
  3. Resource List
  4. Fully Glossary 

Achieve a perfect, healthy posture, once and for all! Whether you are walking through the streets, standing at the train station, sitting on an office chair, or exercising; you will look slimmer and more confident once you master the exercises in the Fabylis® Posture Training Program! All you require is this book-and-video set. Review the content anytime you wish, once you have your own copy of it!

About the Creator 

Fabienne Liechti is a famous figure in dancesport. As a professional dancer, choreographer, and runway coach for over two decades, Fabienne has mastered the techniques necessary for perfecting body posture. She provides you with the essentials for improving your posture, self-confidence, and feminine appeal to others.

The exercises in this one-of-a-kind training program come from her personal study of dance and cinematics and are derived from professional ballroom dancesport and ballet, both of which Fabienne has in-depth experience within her extensive career. 

Fabienne Liechti is a multiple award winner in the pro-dancing arena and has decades’ worth of experience in professional dance and choreography. She began dancing at only 4 years old and has gone on to win numerous titles at dance competitions, as well as being a strong competitor at top pro dance competitions globally, including the World and European Championships, British Open, and Asian Open.

She is a world-acclaimed choreographer, with her choreography credits including American Idol and Dancing with the Stars USA, taught runway walking and also pursued acting and modelling, as well as other facets of the entertainment industry.

Making Positive Changes in Your Life

Get this revolutionary training program now to receive the quality book and accompanying training video. Easily use the Fabylis® Posture Training Program to learn, use, and maintain good, healthy posture in any situation.

No extra equipment is necessary to do the exercises, with the focus instead being on understanding body movement and alignment. At the end of the program, you will have good, healthy posture as you sit, stand and walk through your day. The secrets are finally here, all in this 4-module training package!

Get the Best Posture Training Program Available 

These aren’t empty promises! The Fabylis® Posture Training Program really delivers the insights you want to know about holding your body better for your health, as well as to look and feel more confident. Be elegant and poised wherever you go once you master the techniques in the book and video. The advice is available to you, and the amazing results can be yours, but only if you get the program now!

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