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The Ultimate School for Women is Finally Here!

by Fabienne Liechti July 03, 2017 0 Comments

The Ultimate School for Women is Finally Here!

Hi, guys! I’m so excited to announce that Fabylis® School - my new online school for women - has finally launched! It has been such an incredible journey full of valuable experiences and lessons that have let me grow professionally and also as a person. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves, first of all, you might be wondering, what is Fabylis® School?

Fabylis® School is an online school, created for the modern, curious woman of today. It is designed to empower women around the world, building their most confident, powerful, attractive and sexy selves, inside and out and improve their lives. It is a place where women feel understood, can get inspired and be part of an empowering community that spreads optimism and joy. With a focus on giving back, Fabylis® School donates a portion of profits towards girls’ education funds.

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Being a Woman Today

Today, many women struggle with poor self-confidence, insecurities, negative body image and other appearance issues. The pressure on women to be “perfect” is at an all-time high and women are being constantly objectified and critiqued in mainstream and online media. TV is being replaced by the internet and today young girls look up to celebrities and fitness models that they follow on Social Media. We are surrounded by a message that says physical appearance is more important than who we are as people, what we can contribute to society or how we treat the people around us.

I believe that every woman is lovely, beautiful and unique. Yes, outer self-image is important (to a certain grade) but it’s that combination of all together, the positive appearance, confidence, power and kindness that will make a woman shine. I define “beauty” as being the best possible version of yourself inside and out, knowing your worth and values while maintaining integrity and standards.

Through my various training programs, compiled of a mix of videos and eBooks, my goal is to help you bring out of you all that confidence, power and sexiness that is already inside you and help you become the best version of yourself, inside and out.

The Importance of Giving Back

For me, the global impact that my school has is important, this is why the Malala Fund is the perfect match for Fabylis® School. The Malala Fund is an organization that is committed to giving every girl in the world 12 years of safe, quality education. Empowerment starts within ourselves. If we are not educated and our voices are silenced, we can never find the power and confidence to stand up for ourselves and other women. I believe in giving every woman a voice, and so does the Malala Fund. Each Fabylis® for-profit program is tied to the Malala Fund. That means that 10% of each sale goes directly to the Malala Fund, thus, when you invest in your own success you're not only helping yourself, but you are also helping a young girl change her life through education. Now, that's empowerment!

What is Fabylis® School?

Another question that you might be asking yourself right about now, is who am I and how was Fabylis® School born?

My name is Fabienne Liechti, and I am, first and foremost, a woman. I understand the struggles that women can have with their appearance and confidence - I've been there. I have been a performer my whole life, as a dancer, actor and model so you can probably imagine the kind of scrutiny that I've been under all through my career. As well as being a performer, I have also coached women all over the world in the arts of dance and movement, body language, fitness and diet. It was, in fact, my love of teaching that led me to start Fabylis® School.

Fabylis® School has been in my head for a long time, since 2012 in fact, when I started developing my program "How to Walk in Heels". A skill that I noticed a lot of women around me struggled with. That gave me an idea. I was sure that there were probably more women around the world that would want to learn this and other skills to be more confident and empowered in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This idea along with the ever-growing online community sparked a great idea: Fabylis® School as an online school! That way I would be able to reach exponentially more women than if I were to open a physical school in a city somewhere.

Between Dance and Entrepreneurship

Today I'm more grateful than ever that I was not allowed to teach dance in my home country as a young dancer in the amateur bracket. It forced me to find other ways to finance my dance career. I started to work in web and graphic design to make the money to pay for my career as an elite dancer.

The digital world has always fascinated me and I wanted to learn more. I kept working online parallel to my dance career. I started my own company in marketing, web and graphic design, and then an online store where I designed, sewed and sold dance dresses worldwide. These experiences taught me a lot. Not only about technology, but also about entrepreneurship. The combination of dancing as an elite athlete, owning my own companies while going through personal struggles really taught me how to be confident and believe in myself.

The World of Digital Nomads

My dance and entrepreneurship career lead me to discover the wonderful world of digital nomads. I'm so grateful to be a part of such a positive and inspiring community and live in an era where it's possible to live, travel and work from anywhere in the world. I now have the opportunity to work on my passion project, Fabylis® School, while I travel the world.

The location-independent lifestyle that I have created for myself is such a blessing and I want to share it with all the women out there who are looking for a different way to live their lives. On my YouTube channel, where I share all Fabylis® School related content, you might also find anything from travel to entrepreneurship, fitness to fashion, vegan diets and more. My YouTube channel is a place for curious spirits, bohemian hearts and ambitious souls. Stay tuned!


Finally, I want to thank all the great people from all over the world who were part of this journey with me and put their time and effort into this project. I want to especially thank Alex from Ukraine, Christy from Canada, Kimmy from Spain, Wil from New Zealand, Jaymee and Kaye from the Philippines, Liam from the UK, Nuno from Portugal, and my good friends Stephan and Tanya. In particular, I want to thank my family for their unconditional support in every way.

Lets’ the fabulous begin!

Fabienne Liechti
Fabienne Liechti


Founder Fabylis® School

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